At the Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, USA, research was conducted by Professor Robert Newman. They showed that Astromelanin is highly cytotoxic against human tumor cells, such as breast cancer cells of the HS 578 T MSF 7, MDA, MDAH 231 lines, HT 29 colon cancer, MS melanoma, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, etc.

“AstroMelanin” is a biotechnology product based on the production of a substance from Antarctic microorganisms.

World Recognitions

Studies of the substance have been performed by the largest scientists in the field of oncology in Russia, USA, South Korea and Japan.



“AstroMelanin” is non-toxic and does not cause side effects on other organs and systems of the body.


Against cancer

“AstroMelanin” has a powerful anticarcinogenic effect and used to correct functional, organic, structural and biofield disorders that occur in oncology.


AstroMelanin opens up a fundamentally new direction in the treatment of cancer patients.

Treatment and prevention of relapses and metastases in cancer patients after radical treatment, prevention of malignant neoplasms in borderline forms of diseases and the same goal in families with high oncological risk.

Astromelanin is an unparalleled unique cancer treatment.

The experimental results demonstrated high cytotoxic activity of AstroMelanin against human cancer cells growing in culture: cell lung cancer, leukemia cells, stomach adenocarcinoma cell lines and on some patients

Research conducted by a world-known Doctor, D. Van Hoff, Head of the Institute for Drug Development and Cancer Therapy in San-Antonio, Texas, USA, has shown that when exposed for six days, “AstroMelanin” COMPLETELY inhibits the growth of human breast cancer cells.

Awarded with prizes at the International Salons of Inventions.

Inventions have been confirmed by patents and awarded with prizes at the International Salons of Inventions “Concourlepin”, Paris and “Eureka”, Brussels (gold medal).


Currently, the patent for the production of Astromelanin is being sold. We are also looking for investors for this drug.